10to1 was conceived after many discussions with both single and coupled friends about the trials and tribulations of dating. Having been on the dating scene for some ten years between husbands (a story for another time), I understand the frustration of being a long term singleton. Then I finally meet someone but his long term plans were not the same as mine... so back to the drawing board while my biological clock ticked.

On-line dating provided an abundance of potential partners but by the time I sent emails, waited for responses – which often never came, then set up a date, weeks had passed. When we finally met, their photo wasn’t entirely accurate, their dress sense wasn’t what I expected. I would often question whether they were actually the person I originally contacted.  It never worked for me!


10to1 offers the opportunity to meet 10 potential partners in one place at one time. I will undertake some profiling prior to the event and assist you with introductions and chats throughout the night.  There is no need to feel uncomfortable about asking for someone’s number... that’s our job after the event.


I am so looking forward to getting to know you all and helping you meet the person of your dreams.


Judy Cutajar